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Rental Hall & Cemetery Information

Macon Township Rental Hall & Gym

The Macon Township Rental Hall is available for all Township residents. Our gymnasium can also be rented out to Township residents.

Township Hall Address

8320 Clinton Macon Rd Tecumseh, MI 49286

Township Hall Rental Costs

The cost to reserve the Macon Township Rental Hall is:

  • $125 minimum for event (reception, party, etc.) with a $100 rental deposit
  • For Macon Township residents only

Gym Rental Costs

Rent our gym by the hour for basketball games or team meetings.

  • $20 for 1 hour
  • $30 for 2 hours

No Charge Rates

There is no charge to rent Macon Township Gym for the following organizations:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • 4H
  • Township Church Youth Groups

*Rates are subject to change.*

Ready to Rent? Give Us a Call!

To rent Macon Township Hall or Gym, please call Marilyn Bagby at 517-423-5237 or contact Macon Township through our online form.

Macon Township Cemetery

The South Macon Cemetery is about 2 miles south of Macon in Macon Township.

As of February 1, 2023, our fees are as follows:

Grave Lot Purchase for Residents - $500

Burial Fees
Weekdays – one full burial - $600
Weekdays – one cremains burial - $350
Saturday – one full burial - $700
Saturday – one cremains burial - $400

Please make checks for services payable to Macon Township and mail along with a copy of the burial permit to our Cemetery Treasurer –

Marilyn Babgy
7275 Clinton-Macon Rd.
Clinton, MI 49236

Visiting Hours

The cemetery is open to visitors 7 days a week, from Sunrise to Sunset.

Cemetery Sexton

Brad Bouchie

Cemetery Address

12350 Mills-Macon Hwy.
Clinton, MI 49236

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