Assessor: Marchelle DeLong (Shelly), - Lenawee County Equalization Director
517-264-4522 / Shelly.delong@lenawee.mi.us

Devan DeLong is the contact person for Macon Township,
517-264-4537 or Devan.delong@lenawee.mi.us

We will respond to emails or voicemails left for us within 7 business days.

We do not hold office hours at the township hall, but do hold them at Lenawee County Equalization Department, 301 N Main St. Adrian, MI 49221. If you should like to meet in person, we can be made available. Office hours are:

Devan - Monday – Friday - 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Shelly – Tuesday - Friday - 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

The Lenawee County Equalization Department has adopted the policy by the Department of Treasury for inspection or review of public records.

Each year assessment notices are sent to every property within the Township. If you would like to discuss your property’s Class, Value of Assessment, or Qualified Agricultural Exemption prior to the March Board of Review, please contact one of us using the above information.

Assessor Documents

Agricultural Land Calculation
AG RES Land Calculations
Commercial Industrial Land Calculation
AG RES ECF Calculations
Commercial/Industrial ECF Calculation

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