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Zoning Ordinances

Macon Township has a zoning ordinance. The ordinance was prepared by the Township Planning Commission and approved by the Township Board. It was created to provide for the orderly growth and development of the Township and to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
Land Purchases & Construction

Land Purchases & Construction

It is recommended that Township residents and persons buying or selling land; planning on constructing buildings or other structures; or planning new businesses contact the Township Supervisor, Dean Montrief, at 517-438-0882 between the hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Thursday.

Cooperation will assure Macon Township will continue to experience quality growth and a pleasing environment.

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Solar Ordinance

An ordinance amending and readopting Article VII of the Macon Township Zoning Ordinance by replacing Section 7.03 regarding solar energy facilities within the Township

Solar and Carbon Sequestration Holes and Wells Ordinance
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Zoning Splits

Michigan State Law stipulates that all zoning splits must be approved by the Township. Macon Township Zoning and Splitting Officer is Dean Montrief, 517-438-0882.

Noxious Weed Ordinance

Noxious Weeds are a nuisance and are not allowed under Township ordinance. We are asking that they be mowed.

Junk Ordinance

Junk (machinery, trailers, etc.) and cars that are inoperable, are prohibited in Macon Township. They are a nuisance and are not allowed under the ordinance, and we are asking that they be removed.

Please cooperate so it will not be necessary to enforce the ordinance.

Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments Ordinance

Macon Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Email: enforcement.macontownship@gmail.com
Phone: (517) 605-8910

For Complaints concerning:

- Junk cars
- Blight
- Abandon buildings
- Noxious weeds
- Excessive animals

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Our Township is known for its close-knit community and gorgeous, sprawling farm land.

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